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Information flow

As I took using of excellent Obsidian project, I’m trying to go from data -> insights. But a lot of times actually it’s more toying with technologies tha...


TDD meets Maven

Recently I went to a TDD course with the amazing Sandro Mancuso. One of the things I really like was convention of naming the test classes following the sche...


My GTD system using Google tools

As a big fan of David Allen’s Getting Things Done book I try to apply it’s principles in organizing my personal life and tasks. I also really like using Goog...


Exporting photos from Shotwell

I’m using excelent app Shotwell on ubuntu, in order to classify my fotos by periods that they were taken. Unfortunately it does not allow you to export such ...


Make the first step

So yeah, the more important stuff for every project you undertake (to prevent paralysis by analysis)



Forwarding AFTER filtering in Gmail

The problem: I want to forward all of my mail to other email account (for example my cell phone Email2SMS address). I want to be able to filter some of the m...


IM History Converter Application

When transitioning to a new job, I got faced with problem of what to do with chat histories I have amassed in my last job. We have used pidgin for communicat...


Robots at work

This might be the future of MFC technology we work now with. Worth a try.


Language talks :)

The Last Language War / Language Trolling Post You'll Ever Need To Read (Hopefully) - I never have so much laugh since reading How to shoot yourself in the l...

Classes vs. Ids

Today, while trying to fix broken rendering of aero-bg.com on Firefox, I delved deeper in CSS of site. Interesting though the css, almost randomly used in s...

Exploits For A Mom

Recently SQL injection is a next big thing. So let's see an up side of it :)So, do You SANITIZE?

Top Ten Software Architecture Mistakes

I have stumble upon some of this mistakes, and some of them could be avoided just by better planning. So this are good things for me to know in my future car...

Scrum stickies

This is our interpretation of sticky notes task implementation. Direct on office windows. Cute :)

Industria is in top 50 key innovators

It’s not every day that Industria(the company I work for) is mentioned along with household names such as Adidas, BSkyB, BMW, Rolls Royce, Royal Bank o...

Inheritance and XFire

Sometimes we need to use polymorphism and it is already supported by WSDL, so here is a little tricky explanation how to do this using XFire. For example we...

Creating WS from an WSDL file

If you must use preexisting WSDL file, You can use tool in XFire to generate you an Java implementation of it. It's like issuing this ant script: <target ...

Creating WS from scratch

In this case we just create our Java interface and implementation and annotate them with JSR-181 annotations. After this WSDL can be retrieved by going to h...